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Vending Maintenance Report

Is your vending machine currently having issues? Well do not worry, we will fix it free of charge! Just simply fill out the VMR below.

Client First Name*

Client Last name*

Client Phone number*

Client Email Address*

Client Service Address*

Client Vending Service*


Maintenance Issue*

Select a preferred date*

ZD Filer *

Steps for Vending Form

Who completes a VMR?

1. Get the client's first and the last name

2. Input client position

3. Input client phone number

4. Client service address

5. Choose a vending service

6. Describe the location the vending service is being placed

7. Describe the issue in detail

8. Select a preferred date

9. Submit 


Inspection Date: The inspection date will be given to the client 24-48 hours after submission

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